What happens once you’ve completed the Meisner Program but still wish to continue with your acting training? This is where the Sightlines Membership steps in.

With the Sightlines Membership, you are able to continue with your acting training without needing to commit to a full course. The membership is launched every 3 months and the upcoming membership period is from July 16 to October 15.

To qualify for the membership, you must have at least completed Level 1 of the Meisner Program.




  • Exclusive access to member-only events (first reading sessions, open rehearsals, headshot day, etc.)
    • Weekly first reading sessions! Members are able to participate or observe these sessions. Most of the materials used during these sessions are original unstaged work by our writer collaborators, however, there are also sessions where we explore established scripts. We hope to keep exposing our members to different material so that they become more knowledgeable actors.
    • Weekly open rehearsals! These rehearsals are facilitated by our Designated Meisner Teacher, Alecx Lorica. This is an opportunity for the members to get live feedback on their work even after completing the Meisner Program. We also plan to invite other acting coaches to facilitate some of these rehearsals. 
    • Other exclusive events may include member-only workshops & events (i.e. headshot day, specialized classes, actors’ retreat).
  • Exclusive access to our Community platform on Discord (for Sightlines Members & current Meisner Program students only)
    • Members can use this platform to get personalized feedback from Alecx on their self-tapes, resume, website, acting reel, etc.
    • Members may also use this platform to connect to each other to set up their own rehearsals, promote their work, organize watch parties, and share about casting calls.
  • Discounted rates on registration fees for most Sightlines workshops and events.
  • Discounted rates for private coaching sessions with Alecx.
  • Promote individual acting projects on the Sightlines social media pages.
    • Kindly note that we collect this on a monthly basis only so we can plan our marketing calendar accordingly.
  • Free audits to Alecx’s Meisner Program and Introduction to Meisner classes conducted ONLINE
    • Members are free to observe the Meisner Program (only the levels they’ve already taken) and the Introduction to Meisner online classes FOR FREE. They will just have to notify Alecx ahead of time.

JULY 16 – OCT 15 2022 (MEMBERSHIP)

We only accept full payment of the 3-month membership for now to lessen transaction fees.

USD 55 for 3-months

International Actors
(based outside the Philippines)

PHP 2,500 for 3-months

Filipino Actors
(based in the Philippines)