About Us

A Safe Space and Creative Home for Actors

Sightlines Actors’ Space is an international acting school and creative home for actors. We aim to bridge the arts through observation, engagement, expression, and collaboration.

Our Mission

Training and Community Development

  • Elevating arts education through personalized, continuous training.
  • Equipping the artist with self-agency by sparking the curiosity and drive that fuels the artist’s pursuit for learning.

  • Ensuring safe spaces for actors to bravely explore and express their truthful instincts as they hone their acting technique.

Collaborative Creation

  • Empowering actors to create independently.
  • Encouraging collaboration by connecting artists that share creative goals and interests.
  • Providing play spaces for artists to experiment, develop, and present original work.

Meet Our Instructors

Alecx Lorica

Alecx Lorica is the founder of Sightlines Actors’ Space. She is an actress and singer based in the Philippines who recently completed her Designated Meisner Teacher training under Scott Trost, Executive Director of the Meisner Institute., L.A., USA. She launched SAS in hopes of building a community for actors to create and collaborate. The Meisner Institute is supported and endorsed by James Carville, executor of the Sanford Meisner estate.


Over the course of June 2022 to today, she has taught more than 120 students overall, with 42 students proceeding with the Meisner Program.

Dan Ansaldo

Performer—Educator—Artist Mental Health Coordinator with 30+ years experience in musical theater, opera, arts pedagogy (voice, acting, dance) and artist mental health.
1997—in a Thursday night community singing class, Dan embarked on a journey of faith. Five months later, in a dark New York theater, Dan debuted as Anthony Hope in Sweeney Todd. His roster of musical and operatic roles performed at venues worldwide range from Claude Frollo (Hunchback: A New Musical), Jean Valjean (Les Mis), The Engineer (Ms. Saigon)— to Alfredo (La Traviata), Rudolfo (La Boheme), Cavaradossi (Tosca)— to name a few. 

 Dan’s pedagogic lineage traces from robust pedigree: Marianne Cornetti, Eduardo Valdez, Dr. Glenn Koponen, Dr. Paul J. Liljestrand, Shelley & Joel Jameson, Grammy winner Esther B. Hinds, Dr. Stanley L. Ralph (father of Emmy winner Sheryl Lee Ralph), Emma Drilon & her sister, Evelyn Mandac, Angeli Bayani, Jillian Paige, Alecx Lorica and Scott T. Trost.

Meet Our Team

Tara Jamora Oppen

Externals Manager

Tara is a freelance director and actor.

Marcel David

Community manager

Marcel David is a theater practicioner, a stage manager, and production manager.

Jiezl Chua

Social Media Manager

Jiezl is a freelance voice actor and video editor.