MFA in Acting Graduate of The Juilliard School
Actor, Director, and Teacher of “Introduction to Grant Writing”

Finally, a group that offers ongoing training to working actors who is also committed to providing safe spaces for artists to train, experiment and grow. Despite being a very young company, this woman-led group offers aggressive marketing for their collaborators’ classes and will ensure that your concerns will be addressed.

If you’re an actor, playwright, screenwriter, storyteller, or artist educator who is looking for a progressive creative home to bake your craft, play, film, or course –
you will find a supportive environment here.


Executive Director of the Meisner Institute

Alecx has all the qualities an acting teacher needs – a compassionate heart, a keen eye for truth, and a sense of direction. She knows how to help her students build a solid foundation of acting skills. And most importantly, she has traveled the same path as her actors so she knows the way by heart. Some teachers just talk the talk. Alecx walks the walk.


Actor & Educator based in NYC
Teacher of “Audition Technique”

SAS is doing terrific, inspired work in the Southeast Asian arts sector. It has been a joy and an honor to contribute, and I can’t wait to continue to watch its community grow.



Meisner Program Graduate
Actor & Teacher

Sanford Meisner’s repetition exercise is something I’ve always been curious of as an actor. Thanks to Designated Meisner Teacher Alecx Lorica, this acting technique has been made available. Not as a one-time workshop but on a regular basis. Having taken all levels, 1-3, under her, I would highly encourage all actors, new & experienced, to enroll in her classes. Meisner’s power lies in its seeming simplicity; and through Sightlines Actors’ Space, Alecx has created an international community with a shared language; where we can bounce off each other & continue to grow. While Meisner is the core of SAS at the moment, other techniques will soon be introduced; which makes for an exciting future.


Meisner Program Graduate
Actor & Acting Coach

I am very happy with her process and how she handled the class. She is articulate and observant of the participants’ journey in understanding Meisner. I appreciate her methodical approach in teaching the Meisner approach.


Meisner Program Graduate
Palanca Awardee, Screenwrtier

Alecx knows Meisner so well and easily makes it translatable to us in exercises, before, during, and after. Very engaging too, and nurturing sessions. And she makes us feel safe and open ourselves truthfully, productively, and encouragingly “in the moment.” She made us become feathers throwing caution to the wind, wherever it takes us, and not overthink. Very enlightening and liberating too.


Meisner Program Graduate
Actor & Voice Teacher

Alecx is golden. Worth the original spelling of her name. What a wonderful experience being her pupil! Thankful for her openness, generosity, and willingness to try just about anything to get the best out of her students, while at the same time keeping an eye out for everyone’s safety and healthy wellbeing.


Meisner Program Student

The Meisner workshops with Alecx may seem long, but the three hours go by so quickly, you barely realize it. The sessions just flow so naturally and loosely, that they don’t feel constrictive. Despite the lessons being organized, properly structured, and packed with knowledge and activities, the environment stoked within it is just so fun, free, and seemingly organic that it allows so much natural interactions to just happen, allowing so much room for us to play and experiment. These workshops are quite cathartic, in a sense, because it’s such a safe space to let your walls down and just ‘be.’ I learned so much from these workshops, not only about Meisner technique, but also about myself.


Intro to Meisner Student

I love Alecx as a facilitator. She is very clear and knowledgeable on the technique. She pushes us to do explore the technique but she handles the process with care. She made us feel safe without playing it safe. And I believe that is vital for actors if we want to grow and develop the craft: to create without fear, without unnecessary judgement.